You can choose an appropriate specialist for every project.

He came in to set-up the new reporting system. When the job was done, we just said thank-you and shook hands.

We were facing a 3-month gap before the new man came in.

We hired-in someone who'd installed a system just like ours.

It's good to have people from the outside. They're usually more objective.

It was invaluable to have an extra pair of hands during implementation.

With some 40 years experience (mostly in Sme environments) across a wide spectrum of manufacturing industry, Doug is equipped to make an immediate contribution to your business. He has worked at board level and on international projects. His seniority and breadth of experience give him stature and authority, yet he has the personality which fits easily into a team, and is a good mentor.

An MBA and a Chartered Management Accountant, his skills are relevant to any task or project with either general management or financial management at it's core:

  • Part Time Finance Director
  • Problem solving, troubleshooting, business improvement
  • Business management, strategic planning, change Management
  • Financial controls, management information systems
  • Productivity/profitability issues
  • Cost reduction and rationalisation
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Working capital reduction
  • Cashflow control, budgeting and forecasting
  • Systems implementation and integration into a business
  • Funding from Private Equity and other funders
  • Inventory control, supply chain and logistical process improvement

Doug Bedford is available to work anywhere in the UK or abroad. He will be pleased to discuss - in confidence - any project or need, immediate or potential.