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So a fairly short general election campaign has run its course and the people have spoken, and boy have they spoken. The UK has been plunged into what appears to be a period of political uncertainty after the snap election called by Theresa May ended in a hung parliament, just days before Brexit negotiations are scheduled to begin.

Is the result really the surprise everybody is making out. Prime Minister Theresa May called the election to increase her mandate and strengthen her hand for the Brexit negotiations allegedly, or as many commentators have said did she see an opportunity with probably the weakest opposition on record, to secure a very easy further five years tenure of No.10.

Whatever the reasoning it has gone spectacularly wrong with the Conservatives having a disastrous night, and she has instead fallen short of commanding a Parliamentary majority.

However the indications were there according to the polls, the Conservative lead reducing dramatically by the day, and in some cases put at only a point or two ahead as polling day dawned.

So what factors caused the dramatic turnaround. Was it:

  • Her u-turn in calling the election in the first place.
  • Her arrogance in not partaking in the TV debates, instead sending along a “rottweiler” purely to try and destabilise Jeremy Corbyn.
  • The Conservatives continual policy of reducing resources to key services, The NHS, education, The Police.
  • Hitting the elderly in terms of pensions and care.
  • The young finally engaging in the process and coming out to vote in their thousands.
  • Jeremy Corbyn demonstrating that he is a decent guy who cares.

The result for Jeremy Corbyn obviously strengthens his position as Labour Party leader and is probably just reward for conducting a sensible and positive campaign aimed at dealing with the issues that are of most concern to the populous. At the same time proving that although misguided in certain areas and affiliations, he is actually a reasonably decent caring guy.

The other big loser of course was Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish people apparently telling her to forget independence. We’ve been there once, we’re no longer interested. So where do the SNP go from here.

But the big question being asked is when will Theresa May go and who will replace her.

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